Are you one of many Americans that are currently without health insurance?  The price of health care has risen over the past several years, and it seems like that won’t be changing anytime soon.  Although there has recently been a tax penalty for not having health insurance, it doesn’t mean that everyone can afford it. Get your truck the help it needs with monroe truck roadside assistance. Being without any coverage can be a frightening experience, especially if you have a family to support.  Although it may seem like a very tough time, rest assured that there is hope, and a solution to your health needs.  Read below for some options that can help you provide for the well-being of you and your family.

Know Your Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid is the number one resource for people who can’t find affordable health insurance.  Eligibility for Medicaid is usually determined by how much money you make, as well as the size of your family. Each state has different requirements for eligibility.  If your income does not qualify you for Medicaid, and you have children, you may be eligible for coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  Coverage for CHIP also varies by state. livonia truck roadside assistance can help get your truck unstuck.

Urgent Care Facilities

Being without health insurance is usually not a concern to the staff of an urgent care facility.  These “out-of-pocket” locations have been opening in large numbers over the last several years.  Most urgent care facilities are able to offer a cash-paying patient 20% off of their services and will work with you to provide you with the care you need, especially if it is an emergency situation. Some of these facilities also offer family health insurance plans that include basic checkups and general care throughout the year. Everyone has a price for everything.

Community Health Clinics

It is true that health clinics have a somewhat negative reputation. Tick spraying Long Island could save you a trip to the clinic and avoid lyme disease. However, most community health clinics offer sliding scale fees and services that are in place specifically for people who need cheap health insurance.  Statistics prove that these clinics usually perform just as well, if not better than, private practice clinics.  Although it is sometimes a difficult process to even get into a clinic, depending on where you live, it is a comfort to know that they are available to you in your time of need. Your friendly Albany dentist covers most insurance needs. Call today.

Prescription Assistance

If you have lost your health insurance, or can’t afford it, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your medications.  Luckily, over the past several years, many accessible prescription assistance programs have been formed to help those in need of low cost medications.  Generic drug programs seem to showing up everywhere, especially in commercial pharmacy companies.  Places such as CVS or Target have increased in popularity due to their in-house prescription discounts.

Nonprofit Hospitals

It is a legal face that nonprofit hospitals must treat you with medical care if you are in an emergency situation.  Your ability to pay does not matter, you will be able to receive the immediate care that you need.  If you do visit a nonprofit hospital in such a case, be prepared to prove your income. Facilities like this usually work with lower income patients to reduce their bill.  If that is not in their policy, nonprofit hospitals may also set up low payment plans for you.

Cash Only Medical Providers

Although they may be difficult to find, there are medical centers that actually do not take insurance at all.  You may know them as cash-only clinics, or direct primary care centers.  Providers such as these will take on a patient and provide the necessary medical care regardless of income.  The doctors involved with these providers receive pay without going through any insurance contracts.  Cash only medical providers also usually offer their patients a monthly payment plan.

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